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Did you know? A Quick Overview of How We Help

We are keen to deliver the best possible service, whether it is managing the property you have leased out or whether you are renting.

For those who are leasing out their properties, do let us know if your contact details change. It is helpful if we can get hold of you quickly when urgent decisions must be made.

We have great relationships with skilled tradespeople who will take care of immediate and ongoing maintenance needs. We are happy to plan the maintenance of your property with you so that expenses can be spread. We can organise a seasonal schedule that looks after giving your paintwork a soft wash, having your gutters cleared, and paying annual attention to the large trees on your property as an example. It’s always a good idea to have your air conditioning and heating systems checked annually, both for safety and for efficiency. We are happy to organise this on your behalf.

For those who are renting— we do need to be told if maintenance is needed in a home. The speed with which we can attend to issues will depend on the particular arrangement we have with the landlord. However, we want you to know that we will move as fast as possible to attend to any concerns you raise with us.

Corporate Relocation Specialists Ltd is a Hamilton-based company specialising in finding corporate tenants for those who wish to let out their high quality homes. We also specialise in finding beautiful properties for those seeking to rent. We pride ourselves on having on our books the finest selection of top-quality homes in Hamilton and the Waikato. Whether you need an attractive home to rent or a desirable tenant for your home, either short-term or long-term, our staff can find the right solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Corporate Relocation Specialists Ltd works with the larger companies in the city, training institutions, government departments and those in the health and education sectors. Our local institutions and businesses trust Corporate Relocation Specialists Ltd to ensure their staff members are settled and happy in their new homes.

We help families relocating to New Zealand as well as those who have decided to make their new home in Hamilton. We have the experience and contacts to help you make the transition as smooth as possible, providing a respectful service where homes and tenants are well matched.

Whether you are staying in Hamilton for just a short while or seeking to live permanently in this beautiful city, ask Corporate Relocation Specialists Ltd to help.