For those who don’t know, around 25% of Americans spend around 8 hours every week cleaning up their house. If you are one of these individuals, perhaps you might spend a lot of time organizing your garage.  

Obviously, you would rather spend your time on other things, right? Fortunately, we are here to help. We are going to share with you some tips on how to clean and organize your garage without the help of San Francisco cleaners. 

Declutter the Tables and the Floor 

You should declutter first the ground before you begin on anything else. It will be hard to get into every nook and corner if you’ve got a lot of boxes and other items lying around.  

It does not matter if those boxes are intended to stay in the garage, you have to get them off there first. You can always take your time later to sort through the boxes and organize the things you really want to keep. 

Think about installing some shelves if you feel like you do not have enough room in your garage to get everything off the ground. With this, you can make use of every vertical space you’ve got in your garage and get every rid of the clutter. You should also do this with your tables since you will want to clean them thoroughly before you place back the items.  

The best way is to place every item outside the driveway and sort them later.  

Clean Every Surface 

After you declutter your garage, it is time to really clean it. First, you have to vacuum and sweep the garage. You’ve got to ensure you include the ceiling and walls, aside from the tables and the floor. This can help you eliminate cobwebs.  

Then, you should scrub the walls. Create a mixture of equal parts bleach and water and utilize this to disinfect and clean the surface.  

You should wipe down the walls using the solution, wait a couple of minutes, and then scrub the wall for the ideal outcomes. This is extremely efficient for mold. Also, you can utilize this mixture to scrub down the tables.  

Finally, you have to scrub the floor. Combine laundry detergent and hot water to scrub with. This will eliminate any stubborn stains.  

Sort Everything 

After you are finish cleaning your garage, you should leave it for several hours. This is the best time to sort through every item outside.  

You should create a couple of categories. Things that you will throw away, donate, sell, or keep. After you are done sorting into the categories, you can sort the keep category into various piles. This will help you later when you place them back inside the garage.  

You can either place them all in plastic tubs or trash bags for the other 3 categories. You may want to take photos of the sell category and organize a yard sale. With this, you will have something to post online when you open your yard sale. When it comes to donating items, make sure they are still usable.