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Short Stays

Whether you are in town for an event such as Fieldays, business, or for personal reasons, short stays are an ideal alternative to hotels – or if you are away, an ideal way to ensure your home is being looked after.

For Tenants

Do you need accommodation for a short period of time?

Whether it is for work or business, for an event, or for supporting a family member in hospital, a home stay is often a pleasant alternative to a hotel or motel which, while comfortable, never feels like ‘home’. When you rent a house on a short-term basis, you can prepare a meal in a fully-equipped kitchen, wash and dry your clothes easily, and enjoy those home comforts you do not find in most accommodation.

Not only that, short-term accommodation is mainly fully furnished, so all you need to bring is your suitcase.

If you know when you need accommodation, and for how long, contact us in the first instance. We can discuss your needs and inform you of suitable properties on our database. It is especially important that you contact us well ahead of time if you are visiting for events such as Fieldays and Balloons Over Waikato, as accommodation at these times fills up quickly.
After you have applied for a property, we will ask for references and perform a credit check. Once we are satisfied with your application, we will ask you to pay a bond and sign the agreement – then hand over the keys.

It may be possible to extend your stay if you find this is necessary; please inform us and we will do our utmost to assist.
Administration fees may apply.

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For Landlords

Are you going away and considering leasing your house for short stay accommodation?

Visitors seek short-term accommodation for a variety of reasons. They may be attending events such as Fieldays or Balloons Over Waikato. Their employer may have sent them on a secondment. They may be on business visiting clients. They may need to be near a family member in hospital.

In these cases, many people prefer to stay in a ‘home away from home’, rather than in an impersonal hotel or motel. It is much less stressful, after a day at the hospital or in a strange workplace, to prepare meals in a well-appointed kitchen and enjoy comfortable living arrangements.

However, the benefits of letting your property as short-term accommodation are not just limited to tenants. Your house will not be sitting empty while you are away; the letterbox will be cleared, a car will be in the driveway, and your home will be lived in. This is, of course, helpful for maintaining the security of your property – and the rent you collect will alleviate the costs associated with an empty house.

To start the process, we will sit down together and discuss your plans. How long will your property be vacant for? What is the minimum time you would like to let the property for? Who is your ideal tenant?

We will arrange to market your property, and use our expertise to advise you on the optimal amount of rent to charge. When we find tenants who meet your expectations, we will perform background checks, including a credit check, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed and any bond is lodged.

Through our online system, Palace, you will be able to view all reports on your property arising from our inspections, and will receive monthly financial statements. You will benefit from our range of specialist property management services, as we ensure the property is being properly taken care of.

Whether you are away for a matter of weeks or a matter of years, there is nothing like the certainty of knowing your home is in the capable hands of Corporate Relocation Specialists.

Talk to us today about finding short-term tenants to take care of your home.